Journal Club at EMTLife

Journal clubs are an old tradition, often practiced at medical schools, hospitals, research institutions, and similar settings. Evidence-minded folks share recent medical literature of interest, then get together on a regular basis (beer is sometimes … [Continue reading]

A Jaundiced Eye for Clinical Guidelines

Investigative journalist Jeanne Lenzer has written a good article at the BMJ on the pitfalls of clinical practice guidelines issued by professional bodies. It's a good read, not too long, and it's been made freely available for one week -- and only … [Continue reading]

Prehospital Tranexamic Acid – It’s Ready for Primetime

Good Morning, folks! This is my first post....ever! I am new with blogging so this may require some trial and error. Please bear with me! As Brandon mentioned, I am the proverbial FNG of the EMS Basics DRL. Glad to be part of the team - medical … [Continue reading]


Fighting the good fight for truth, justice, and the evidence-based way is tiring stuff. That's why we're always looking for folks to help out with the DRL. There are a whole lot of good studies out there -- research people should be reading -- that … [Continue reading]

Publication bias

Although we're all (presumably) better off when we try to answer questions by turning to the literature rather than, say, a Magic 8 ball, it behooves us to remember that it's still an imperfect source for truth. And while you can hone your ability to … [Continue reading]


Hopefully you're out there reading the research and trying to figure out what you should be doing and why. But inevitably, when you get to the results, they're reported using a baffling array of acronymic metrics. Some are fairly intuitive; some are … [Continue reading]

DRL Update

DRL update: 12 new additions: 6 Cardiac Arrest, 2 Spinal Immobilization, 4 misc. (all Fluid Resuscitation)   Some good reviews on the evidence behind fluid resuscitation strategies, as well as a historical piece (nearly 100 years old!). … [Continue reading]

Determining Risk/benefit Using Test Thresholds

A quick illustration of how to drill down on the group of people in a cohort who actually benefits from a course of care, and compare it against the group who is harmed. Important, important stuff when it comes to reading any … [Continue reading]

The Legend of the Unstable Spine

So the AANS/CNS released an update to their 2003 guidelines for acute spinal care (Theodore 2013), and this is in the introduction to the prehospital chapter: Pathologic motion of the injured cervical spine may create or exacerbate cervical spinal … [Continue reading]

Howdy and Welcome

Welcome to Lit Whisperers, a new side-blog of EMS Basics. Several months ago myself and several colleagues launched the Digital Research Library, essentially an organized index of peer-reviewed research useful to prehospital medicine. The goal was … [Continue reading]