DRL Update

8 new papers have been added to the Digital Research Library. Three are in the Cardiac Arrest shelf, including some important recent stuff on steroids and epi; the other five are in the Miscellaneous section, ranging through Trauma, Hematology, Electrocardiography, Patient Assessment, and Respiratory.

As always, search for the triple asterisk (***) to see new material.

DRL Update

DRL update: 12 new additions: 6 Cardiac Arrest, 2 Spinal Immobilization, 4 misc. (all Fluid Resuscitation)


Some good reviews on the evidence behind fluid resuscitation strategies, as well as a historical piece (nearly 100 years old!). Under Spinal Immobilization, there’s the 2013 update to the AANS/CNS guidelines, and a nice review on immobilization techniques. And in Cardiac Arrest there’s the seminal Valenzuela casino paper (38% all-comers survival to discharge! if you’re going to die, die in a casino), a couple studies on devices (Lucas implementation and ACD-CPR), high-dose epi, and two of the best studies on thrombolytics during cardiac arrest (spoiler alert: they don’t help). Lots of great stuff.

As always, search for *** to view new material.