Prehospital Tranexamic Acid – It’s Ready for Primetime

Good Morning, folks!

This is my first post….ever! I am new with blogging so this may require some trial and error. Please bear with me! As Brandon mentioned, I am the proverbial FNG of the EMS Basics DRL. Glad to be part of the team – medical research just so happens to be a nerdy pastime of mine. As previously mentioned, I have a background in ground 911 EMS as well as flight, adult, pedi, and neonatal critical care — yadda yadda – you get the idea! If you happen to be on twitter, I encourage you to follow me → @flightmed1

Anyway, for my first addition I decided to add a baby of mine; The CRASH-2 trial. You’ll find a link to the abstract posted shortly in the DRL. There are quite a few other reviews of the topic as well. There’s a nice retrospective prehospital observational study floating around published by the great folks at the BCAS in CJEM. Heck, did I mention that even JEMS agrees with me?  The resources are endless.

It is my opinion that tranexamic acid is ready for widespread prehospital use; both air and ground. Back in January of this year, I put together a concise little prezi on the topic. If you’re not familiar with TXA, this should get you up to speed relatively quickly. So, without further delay, here it is:    (can’t figure out how to embed it)

If anyone is interested in further reading and/or “ammo” to take to your medical direction, contact me. I got ya covered.

Stay tuned for future updates.